High expectations for story? Heck yes!

Over the last few months NoeticVerity has taken upon itself to finally get around to finishing the Dynamis runs for everyone, systematically 1 by 1.

The only ones that gave us problems were, lol, Dynamis – Bastok, Dynamis – Beaucedine, and Dynamis – Buburimu. Bastok because we lost a lot of time getting trapped by the Alchemist’s Guild getting a time extension (people not being fast enough with sneak and invis, and the aggro machine in our group [which has causes many a good laughs as well as frustrations]). Beaucedine and Buburimu because the pop item for the Mega Boss was being stubborn and we couldn’t get it to drop.

I was highly disappointed at the cut scenes for the Dreamworlds Dynamis… especially the last one… didn’t quite… well… feel like you just win the epic battle it was supposed to be (lv 99 makes a lot of things less epic, but no less fun, than the lv 75 days). Altana forbid that I expect a good story for completing what was once an end game battle system!

It was good fun though, and now that the wins are out-of-the-way we can focus on farming currency. Progress has been slow on my Apocalypse.  I’ve been working a lot lately and most nights don’t feel like sinking 2 hours into Dynamis, especially if I’m tired and frustrated. I at least have Stage 2 complete, not that it takes all that much to get there lol.

Terren and I have been talking about doing the farming runs together. He wants the upgrade items for his BST and SCH relics and I the currency. We could have some very interesting ways of duoing this with the different jobs we have leveled. Would be a good time.

I think Scooter says it best:


And they used to HATE each other…

Lately I’ve been playing A LOT of DRK in my spare time. Initially I leveled it as a homage to a friend who has not played FFXI in a very long time. It was Mattrick’s favorite job. As it turns out, Xiahou likes it quite a bit too lol.

Wirbelwind gets a little mad at me when I’m on DRK because I’m neglecting him and a long time ago DRG and DRK, for the most part, used to have a strong feeling of mutual hatred towards each other. They both would be competing for the same spots in exp parties (remember those?) and more often than not, at least until the great pink bird camps, most people would favor DRK over DRG. Which gave birth to many whiner DRGs that didn’t know how to play their job and do fantastic/crazy/silly things while soloing.

I’ve even gone so far as to start building an Apocalypse, the relic scythe. I was going to do Excalibur or Gungir, but I felt that an Almace would suit the jobs that could use the Excalibur a little better (and include my BLU) and I’m quite happy with my STR Magian polearm for DRG. Since Cataclysm (the relic scythe weapon skill) drains HP, I figured that working in tandem with Entropy (a Spirit Taker -esque weapon skill that returns MP) my DRK would be unstoppable!

I’ve even taken a bit if flak in-game from a few people for my sub job choices. Most people will see me running around about 95% of the time as DRK/RDM. One guy even went so far as to call me an “expletive moron.” I laughed. I do a lot of soloing on DRK, and being able to stack Haste, Last Resort with max Desperate Blows merits, and my less than impressive haste gear gives me in the neighborhood of 61% haste for 3 of every 4 minutes 10 seconds. I’d say that’s not too bad. Using Entropy to get my MP back I can Drain, Drain II and Cure IV myself back to health if need be.

I’ve also taken some joy in doing Campaign Battles as DRK/SCH. Using … what is it called… *flips to gamerescape*… Alacrity, which halves casting and recast times on your next black magic spell, being able to keep Dread Spikes up for 60 of every 70 seconds is quite nice =D

While I don’t think I’ll be renaming this blog anytime soon, DRG is still my first love, the population of Odin Server will probably see me on DRK more often than not when there isn’t an Abyssea or Dynamis event.

PS> Dynamis – Xarcabarkbarkbark Interloper! About time!

Getting too old to do this!

I’ve been on vacation from work this week, with no plans to go anywhere, so I’ve had some free time to get some things done in FFXI. Mostly get my lv 90 jobs to 95, and to camp Charybdis… It’s been YEARS since I camped an NM like this, altering my sleep schedule to get ToD and be awake for the window… Hopefully it pays off >.>

I am a self proclaimed sucker for a good story, and I found another line of quests that fit the bill: Saga of the Skyserpent. It gives a bit of a background story for each of the Serpent Generals. As well as gems like these:

How did you get...?and to explain the arrow and silence bubbles on Galadar:

The quests were worth the time spent on them! Quite the enjoyable story, definitely some good quality cut scenes.

I’ve been spending my off time from Abyssea events leveling and skill up various jobs. As of this writing I count 11 jobs at 75 and of those 11, 9 are at 95. I had decided that while previously thinking that Maat’s Cap was a silly thing to work towards, it was inevitable to end up with one. One of my long term FFXI goals was to level every job and experience as much story (AF quests, unlocking jobs) as possible.

Will I play most of the jobs on a regular basis? Probably not. I’ve got my few that I really like, but I like to help the group and if we need something I hope to fill in the holes.

Will I be skilled at all of them? Probably not as much as I should, but I won’t be a complete noob at them. I still do my research before leveling them, so I at least have *some* idea as to what I’m doing lol.

Some old friends have come back to Vana’diel! Kielee and Malechai are back! And not wasting any time!

They’ve been missed dearly! We’ve got our core back intact and hope to *finally* get around to finishing some missions and the such.


Victory over Charbdis!Okay, waking up *WAY* too early for being on vacation has paid off… going to bed now… will finish later lol


Guess I get my hopes up…

Finished the Ground Strike quest, and I guess by how awesome the Spiral Hell quest was my hopes for Ground Strike were pretty high.

Gumbah and Zeid, you let me down.

Just a bunch of babeling about fighting a tough adversary makes you adapt your skills. Ends with an, “Oh look, you fought so many things you must have come up with something!”

Way to let me down.

This is why no one likes Bastok, or as we call it in NoeticVerity The-City-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, you’re no fun. Your country looks like a wasteland. And it’s your fault that we have to deal with the Shadow Lord again.

That makes some sense…

Xiahou in DRK Empy armor

Xiahou in DRK Empy armor

That’s right folks, DRK90!

Got into a really good Abby – Ule party on some Bluffero and took it to cap. Now I just need to work on getting the weapon skills leveled up to cap. That may be the hardest part, but I’m sure it will be worthwhile!

In that same party I managed to break the latent effect on the trial scythe for Spiral Hell, which has turned out to be an interesting quest. It involved an NPC that, lets face it, other than questing Drain or a very brief CS in the DRG story you don’t pay much attention to him on the way to the Bostaunieux Oubliette GoV book burns.

In the quest he explains the origin of the Shadow enemies and explains as to why they’re all Elvaan.

After those CS, I kinda sat back and was blown away. Never thought that this quest would amount to anything other than a weapon skill I wouldn’t use more than to get blue !! trigger.

His explanation, other than him claiming to have been there, makes a lot of sense as to why they’re all Elvaan, also why you only really see them in areas around San d’Oria or related to the Kingdom. Though it makes me wonder why they’re classified as Undead. Ah well, that’s speculation for another day.

Also been busy helping a friend out lately. Eyvind is a relatively new player to FFXI, introduced to it by my friend Terren. He’s been hanging out in our linkshell (to which our slogan is that “We Build A Better Noob!”). To meet someone who has such zeal and interest in everything this game has to offer is quite refreshing. Us old salty dogs sometimes forget what it’s like to do something new for the first time.

A few nights back we did the 5-1 Windurst fight in the Qu’Bai Arena, with much victory! Granted, without the level cap on the battle it’s a lot easier, but still just as fun!

Archmage Assassins!

Archmage Assassins!

We also, a few nights later, beat up some Shadow Lord but I forgot to get FRAPS running to take a picture. Ah well, there’s always other city missions to do!

Just wow…

In FFXI, I’ve always found the greatest joy in one of two things:

1. Helping other people out. No joy quite compares to being able to help someone who appreciates it!

2. Leveling a multitude of jobs. Variety is the spice of life, so I’ve heard. And since it is the spice of life that makes it Melange and the Spice must flow!

Anywho, Dark Knight has been the latest job I’ve been working on. Back when Vana’diel was young and in the infancy of the NA players there was a good friend of mine named Mattrick that played. We had the pleasure of working together in real life as well as in the game. Lots of fun times were had and DRK was his job of choice. Something about him being the Destroyer of Worlds or Devourer of Souls… something like that.

Unfortunately, Mattrick hasn’t played FFXI in a long time and hasn’t been able to for a while now. In my way of “honoring” him, I guess, I took up the Dark Blade for him.

When trying to do some pre leveling research on DRK I was, and still am, confounded by the apparent lack of good information on DRK in the forums in a multitude of websites.  Seems like all I found were guides from 2007 or, and this was the majority of them, people bragging about how much damage this weaponskill does, how much they suck, and general cutting down of each other. I know this happens for all jobs but the sheer magnitude of it in the DRK forums was astounding.

So I guess that if anyone knows any good info or where to find good info on DRK let me know! Otherwise I will do things the Xiahou way, and that means subligar!